Shamanism is a dimension of human experience that can be found in every culture in any age. It can be observed in a variety of forms, ranging from a fundamental spontaneous experience, derivative culturally shared practices, or as veiled motifs of spiritual, medical, artistic, scientific, and psychotherapeutic interventions.

Paradoxically, as shamanism becomes more culturally shared, it may become less authentic—less culturally challenging—and degenerative. Provoked by an experience of everyday life as a sort of “half-truth,” shamanism is a method that focuses on the erroneous belief in a separation of human life from nature. Shamanism focuses specifically on remaining alert to the creatural dimensions of human life that can be overridden by cultural, socio-psychological dimensions of everyday life.

Shamanism is an expression of an enduring wild state to remain alert to the changing conditions of existence and integrate into the natural world that continues to design and express human life across the long run.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Shaman's Song

Copyright Lance Kinseth, Shaman Sings, 24"x30,  2002

Recovering A Creatural State


I fly to the center of the Earth
My voice brimming with migration and wind.

I become my long life.
I know that the dead breathe through me.

I apologize to Earth and sky.
I become a gathering of places.

I close my eyes to see.
I sing to awaken.

I gather my song of unlanguaged sounds
Today from the butterfly and the crow.

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